Malaysian Sal

Malaysian Sal

Available Sizes

Thickness 1.5″ – 4″
Width 3″ – 12″
Length 6’0 – 12′
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Species Malaysian Sal
Scientific Name Shorea Borneensis
Wood description Color of freshly cut heartwood is yellow, brown or brown with reddish tinge. The color becomes darker after sawing. Grain is interlocked. Texture is fine and even .
Weight 1250-1350 kg/m3
Machining Properties Moderate to cut with machines, nailing is poor, preboring required.
Finishing Not very fine finish in polishing, color coating is recommended.
Drying & treatment Drying speed is very slow. Kiln drying is not required. Treatment is very difficult.
Common uses Most suitable for heavy construction, bridges, door and window frames, railway sleepers, beams, pillars, dock blocks, truck body, heavy platforms, loft construction, structure for ceiling and partition walls.
Additional Information Easy availability, very economical for general construction purposes.
Other Names Selangan Batu, Yellow Batu, Red Batu, M/Sal

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