Purple Heart

Purple Heart

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Species Purple Heart
Scientific Name Peltogyne Paniculata
Wood description Heartwood color is purple to dark brown. Sapwood color is white to yellow
Weight 1000-1100 kg/m3
Machining Properties Machining is difficult due to irregular grains, power tools required, special glue required, preboring necessary for nailing & screwing
Finishing Gives good result after polishing. Melamine, UV and PU coating is recommended.
Drying & treatment Drying is slow. Preservative treatment is moderate. Air drying is recommended. After drying gives good color effect.
Common uses Heavy furniture, door frames, door panels & windows, structure, billiard cue butts, construction purpose, flooring, panelling, office furniture, stair work, railings etc.
Additional Information Heartwood is dull brown when freshly cut but changes rapidly to purple color, Prolonged exposure to sun rays tones down the color to dark purple – brown.

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