Burma Teak

Burma Teak

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Thickness 1.5″,2″,3″,4″
Width 3″ – 15″
Length 6’0″ – 12’0″
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Species Burma Teak
Scientific Name Tectona grandis
Wood description The heartwood has a waxy luster. Heartwood color darker than sapwood color. Growth ring boundaries clearly distinct. The grain is straight or slightly interlocked, irregular .
Weight 880-940 kg/m3
Machining Properties Machining is easy with normal tools
Finishing Good result after polishing, in this species staining is fair to difficult.
Drying & treatment Air seasoning is reported to be very good but rather slow. It is resistance to impregnation. The heartwood is very difficult to treat.
Common uses Housing beams joists boards, parquet flooring, frames, steps panelling, luxury furniture, cabinet work, decorative veneer, turning sports tools, general musical instruments, handicraft, moldings, panel doors & windows
Additional Information The mechanical properties of the timber from young trees are better than that from aged trees.
Other Names Segun, Sagwan

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