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Species Roughwood (sleeper wood)
Scientific Name
Wood description
Heartwood color is brown to dark brown. These are very old Sal wood blockes used in railway sleeper and used for posts in dock area. These blocks are naturally treated and seasoned because they are exposed to sun, water and all weather for a long period ie; more than 50 years. Outer suface gives a very good net effect due to natural wear & tear.
Weight 1200-1400 kg/m3
Machining Properties
Blunting effect is fairly high and old used blades are recommended for cutting. Very hard to cut and sometimes nails, screws and nuts-bolts appear inside the block while cutting so very much care is needed. Outer rough surface is generally cut in thickness 1″ – 2″ planks and inner block can be used in any thickness. Inner block gives very good rough effect if cutting angle is increased.
Roughwood is a somewhat difficult wood to finish. Its outer rough surface is covered with thick dust, mud and wood particles hence iron brush is used to clean the surface properly to obtain the natural net effect and usable hard surface. After cleaning the surface with iron brush it should be cleaned with caustic soda and washed with pressure water so that it is properly cleaned through & through. The iron brush cleaning is recommended in longitudenal direction. Thus it takes a bit of experience to gain the knowledge for effective coating.
Drying & treatment
Roughwood do not require and drying or treatment bacause these are naturally seasoned wood and there is no fear of warping, bending and shrinkage.
Common uses
Roughwood or Sleeper wood is used for Exterior cladding, panelling, pergola, differnt type of exclusive furniture, gift items, rough flooring, name plates, garden furniture, decorative furniture items. It can be used anywhere you need the rough effect which is not possible manually or in cnc machines.
Additional Information
Preferably the best timber for making decorative furniture or gift item. It can be used for both type of furniture exterior or interior. It is very durable and may last for over 100 yrs.

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