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Species Sukupira
Scientific Name Diplotropis Spp
Wood description The heartwood color is chocolate brown, red brown and yellowish brown to dark reddish brown. The texture is coarse and uneven and the grain is interlocked.
Weight 700-1025 kg/m3
Machining Properties Hard, fairly heavy wood, sometimes siliceous, with working qualities for both machine and hand tools, with moderate blunting effect and moderate cutting resistance. Sands pretty easily but surfaces are rated as only fair to poor because of coarse texture and irregular grain, which also makes planing somewhat difficult. Nailing screwing reported as pretty easy, but pre-boring is recommended. Turning and carving are reported as fairly easy, mortising, boring, moulding, routing, etc are reported as moderately easy. Gluing is fairly difficult to very difficult.
Finishing General finishing qualities are rated as moderate to good although a filler is sometimes required, but it does not take varnish well. If filled, it polishes well. The luster is medium to high, often with a waxy feel.
Drying & treatment Drying is moderately difficult to air dry and rapid drying results in some checking and warping. Considerable checking and warping will occur in kiln-drying unless a mild schedule is used. Sometimes resin exudation will occur during drying.
Common uses Agricultural implements, bent parts, boat building (general), bridge construction, brush backs & handles, building construction, cabin construction, Fine furniture,flooring, joinery, kitchen cabinets,marine construction, millwork, mine timbers, moldings, office furniture, paneling, parquet flooring, piling, poles, posts, railroad crossties, railroad ties, rustic furniture, shafts and handles, shipbuilding, stairworks, stools, structural work, sub-flooring, tool handles, turnery, utility furniture, vehicle parts, decorative veneers etc.
Additional Information The wood is similar to the properties and uses to African Wenge. It has a waxy look. Suitable for high end furniture
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