Red Oak

Red Oak

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Species Red Oak
Scientific Name Quercus garryanna
Wood description Heartwood color light pink, red, & grew brown. Sapwood color is whitish. Grains are even and usually straight. Texture is medium to coarse.
Weight 600-800 kg/m3
Machining Properties Easy to machines. Preboring is suggested before nailing & screwing. Sharp tools required for planing and other machine work due to its hardness.
Finishing Grain filling is required for best results. Melamine, UV and PU coating is recommended. Staining can be done
Drying & treatment It is difficult to dry and proper care is required for drying. Air drying below 20% MC is suggested before kiln drying.
Common uses Decorative furniture, flooring, panelling, pallets, Panel doors & windows, chairs & desks, decorative veneers, gift items, garden furniture etc.
Additional Information Broad prominent rays produce a flaked figure on quarter sawn surfaces. It has very good resistance to wear and water due to its resin content

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