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Species Rose wood
Scientific Name Dalbergia Latifolia
Wood description Rich purple brown to deep purple in color and becomes dark brown with age. Grains are interlocked, figure is attractive. Growth rings are prominent. Texture is medium to coarse.
Weight 1100-1200 kg/m3
Machining Properties Its hard but not difficult to saw, plane or shape, TCT cutters with slow feeder is recommended for smooth finish
Finishing Polish gives good result. Only fine sanding and buffing also gives good finish and antique look.
Drying & treatment Dries at a very low speed, air drying required by applying end coating with wax. Color of timber improves during drying.
Common uses High quality furniture, figured veneer, flooring, panelling, tool handles, musical instruments, sports equipment, piano keys, toys, walking stick, decorative items, carving, engraving, antique furniture etc.
Additional Information It is one of the best timber for furniture and highly durable.
Other Names Shishu, Black Shishu

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